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Q&A with a Wedding Hair Stylist

Hi All,

Today I am bringing you all the answers to the questions you aren’t sure you can ask! Luckily my friendor (Vendor + Friend) Chelsey Leaonard from Ariel Katrina Hair is here to answer all your questions… well my questions lol!

Q.- How far out should a bride book their wedding hair stylist?

A.  That really all depends on the bide. Obviously the earlier the better, especially if you have your heart set on a certain stylist for hair and/or make up. Some stylist book up quickly! I would say no less than 6 months because you might find yourself scrambling.

Q. How much time does the stylist need on the wedding day?

A.  More advanced stylist know the tricks to make the day flow faster. The bride gets the most time, because duhhh it’s all about her. Bridesmaids are usually 45 minutes or less. We can figure out how long the bride will take at her trial, it depends on length, type of hair, and style.

Q. Tips on picking a hair style?

A.  This is all very much the brides vibe for her day and what her dress looks like. Currently soft romantic and “undone” updos are the trend. They are incredibly timeless and beautiful. Also, down and curled or glam waves are also trendy.

Q. When should I book my hair trial?

A.  You should book your hair trial at least 3 months prior to your wedding, maybe even earlier if you aren’t sure of your style.

Q. Chelsey, I always suggest to my brides to have their hair and makeup trials done the morning of their engagement sessions or wedding showers, how do you feel about this?

A. Yes, this is one of my favorite things to tell brides. Towards the end of the trial I will ask my bride if she wants me to take her wedding day hair out and just curl their hair so no one knows their exact look or leave it in. If you are spending the money to have the trial, might as well have somewhere fancy to go!

Q. What are your prices?

A. $150 and up for a bride and $80 and up for bridesmaids. I know this number can vary depending on the stylist.

Q. Any last advice to my brides??

A. One more piece of advice is that brides come to their trial and their wedding day with clean dry hair. Whoever started the “dirty hair” is best for updos/styles is wrong hahah! There’s so many products and tricks to get the desired look they want. Plus, who wants to have dirty/greasy hair on their wedding day?

Thank you so much Chelsey for answering all of my questions. Now go follow this amazing stylist! @Chelseytaylorhair

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