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6 Fun Photo Ideas for your Wedding Day!

Sometimes it is fun to spice it up on your wedding day, now get your mind out of the gutter, I am strictly talking photography. I am sure you looked through pinterest or your friends wedding photos to get some ideas. I love classic, timeless, romantic images, but that doesn’t mean boring! Here are a few fun photo ideas for your wedding day.

Smokes bombs for wedding

  1. Flower Petals- Ask your florist for a bag of flower petals! You can hand them to select guests to throw when you are exiting your ceremony or we can stage a photo with the wedding party tossing the flower petals as you go in for a sweet kiss! 

  2. Confetti- Similar to flower petals your guests could toss these as you are exiting your wedding ceremony. You can toss confetti while you are getting ready with your bridesmaids to add an extra fun element to your getting ready images. Confetti cannons can be used when you enter your reception for an awesome photo opportunity! 

When using confetti outside opt for the biodegradable confetti so it does not hurt the environment, if you are using it inside just double check with your venue first

confetti as bride and groom kiss

  1. Sun glasses- Fun sunglasses can be a cute bridesmaid or groomsmen gift and it makes for some cute pictures. For my wedding we had custom sunglasses made with your names and date on the side as a favor, it was also helpful since it was a bright summer day! I have seen brides get cute white heart sunglasses to add a bit of a vintage flare to some of their photos.

bride dancing with heart shaped sunglasses

  1. Streamer- Streamers are another option for exiting your ceremony or entering your reception and make for such a cute wedding photo.

  2. Smoke bombs- I have had a few couples who bought smoke bombs for their wedding day. We make sure to line up the wedding party along side of them, set the smoke bombs off and have our couple dip for a kiss or celebrate. I have seen a rainbow display of smoke bombs for my LGBTQ+ couples or you could opt for a since color that you love. 

  3. Sparklers- Although sparkler exits have been around for a while now, it is still a cute picture and can be used in a few different ways. We can have a small sparker photo moment with your wedding party or you can have a full sparkler exit with all your guests. Some DJs now offer indoor sparkler machines that give the wow factor for your entrance into your reception.

Although planning your wedding day can be overwhelming, just make sure that whatever you choose represents your love and personality. 

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