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A Unique Venue for Animal Lovers: Nicole and Al's Elmwood Park Zoo

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Nicole and Al's love story began in 2005 when they worked together at Applebee's. Both in different relationships at the time, they became close friends. As the other relationships faded away, their bond grew stronger. Weekends were spent with friends, playing poker and enjoying each other's company.

A year later, they realized their friendship had evolved into something deeper, and they started dating. Their love endured over the years, and they eventually bought a home together in King of Prussia, sealing their commitment.

Nicole and Al have been together for almost 20 years before getting married on June 9th, amidst the vibrant Elmwood Park Zoo, they exchanged vows, surrounded by family, friends, and the zoo's wildlife. Their wedding supported the zoo's conservation efforts, making it even more meaningful.

The couple opted to spend cocktail hour with their wedding guests feeding the giraffes. Both animal lovers spending their wedding at Elmwood Park Zoo was the icing on the cake for this perfect day.

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