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Album Design with L.Armour Style

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Album Design With L.Armour Style Photography In order to better serve my clients and make sure that their album design process runs smoothly for the both of us I have created this guide to assist with any questions you might have. The albums I offer are Miller’s Signature Album with thick pages. We offer them in parent album size (8×8), and two sizes for couple’s to choose from (10×10 and 12×12)… though anybody, including parents, has the option to upgrade to a larger size if they’d like.

  • Your album includes up to 50 pages or 25 two page spreads as shown below

  • Image Selection – Once you are sent your gallery from pixieset you can create your favorites list for the album. I suggest 75-85 images, you are welcome to select more images, but this may increase your page count as to not crowd the images. I do my best to fit them all in the 50 pages. If we need to go beyond 50 pages we would then have to select the thin page option.

  • Initial Design- Once the images are selected, I will design the first draft of your album and send you a link where you can review it.

  • Major Revision – When you receive your draft, please review it in detail with the understanding that this is our creative interpretation of the story of your wedding day. You are free to make image and layout changes in your first revision (of two). To communicate your changes, you will make comments directly on the online proof, page by page. For example, if you would like to replace an image, you can leave a comment directly on that photo saying “Replace with 0047.”

  • Minor Revision – After the initial changes are submitted online, we will redesign the album and send you a second draft. You are then free to make minor changes (substitutions in images and finalizing the cover design); however, any layout changes or changes beyond the second revision will result in additional fees.

  • Cover Selection- After your second round of revisions are made and you have approved the design you will then select your cover material, font, and what you would like printed on the album cover. You can see examples below.

  • Send to Print- Once you have finalized your cover I will send the album to print! The one thing I love about Millers is their quick turn around time, couples can expect their albums in 1-2 weeks usually.

Colors currently available:

Distressed leather- Onyx, Sahara, Terra, Timber

Linen: Ebony, Fog, Oyster, Plum, Sage, Sand, Silver, Sky, Tundra, Tusk

Metallic Leather- Champagne, Rose Gold

Pearlescent- Amethyst, Azurite, Iron

Standard Leather: Ash, Blush, Mist, Monsoon, Nightfall,Peppercorn, Polar, Soft Gray, Walnut

Velvet- Carmine, Charcoal, Emerald, Lilac, Obsidian, Pacific, Sapphire

Choose a sentimental title and add a date to the front center of your cover with up to three lines of text.

Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver or Matte Silver for Standard Leather, Metallic Leather, Pearlescent Leather, Linen, Suede.

Available in Garage Gothic or Alana Pro.

Select Coco Gothic, Dessau Pro, Eye Catching, or Garage Gothic font, in Blind debasing (no color).

*Blind debossing (No Color) is the only debossing option available for Distressed leathers and Velvets.

*Special characters are not allowed for debossing text.

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