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Do I Really need a Wedding Album?

wedding albums

"Are wedding albums still relevant?" Buckle up, friend, because I'm about to unveil why including a customized and hand-crafted wedding photo album in your photography package is an absolute must.


In the fast-paced world of pixels and screens, there's a certain magic in immortalizing your love story in a tangible format. A wedding photo album is not just a compilation of snapshots; it's a physical embodiment of your journey, a timeless masterpiece you can touch, feel, and revisit whenever you crave a nostalgic trip down memory lane.


Your wedding album isn't just for you; it's a shareable treasure trove of memories. Picture this: your wedding album 10 years from now is sitting on your coffee table, you have your child in your lab and are flipping through the pages talking about the people who attended your wedding and the funny fashion trends. Your album is not just for you, it is an heirloom, something from the past that will continue into the future for generations.


In today's world of online galleries, and the "cloud" whatever that means, where will your pictures be in 5,10, 35 years. I can honestly say if they aren't printed, they will probably be forgotten. Will the cloud still exist, will you know your password to your digital memories? Wedding Albums are something we can touch and feel, they bring us back to those memories. Did you have your parent's pictures displayed at your wedding? If so wouldn't it be awesome to have their wedding album too!

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