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Flourtown Country Club Wedding Venue

Updated: Jan 17

A Wedding Photographer's Perspective

Hey there, friends! If you're on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, let me introduce you to Flourtown Country Club, where I'm the go-to photographer for capturing those magical moments. Situated just outside Philadelphia, Flourtown Country Club wedding venue has all the ingredients for an amazing wedding day. With its timeless charm, stunning views, friendly staff, and the delicious eats from Seedling & Sage Catering, Flourtown Country Club isn't just a Philadelphia wedding venue; it's a photographer's dream.

Now, as a wedding photographer, the setting is everything, right? Flourtown Country Club's got that covered. It's got beautiful lawns, greenery everywhere you look, tree lined paths and hidden gardens. It's the perfect backdrop for couples to share their love story, whether it's a cozy gathering or a grand bash. Couples have a choice of either getting married at the top of the tree lined path that over looks the golf course, inside the ball room with large windows or in the veranda which has clear tented panels to make you feel like your are still outside.

The clubhouse is like something out of a storybook with its classic design – think stone coverage elegant mansion, white columns, a grand entrance, and a big, beautiful veranda. Every nook and cranny offers a new angle for me to work my magic and tell your unique love story.

Now, let's talk food! Seedling & Sage Catering doesn't mess around. They're all about locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and it shows. From the first bite to the last toast, the food adds an extra layer of joy to your celebration. Behind the scenes, the Flourtown Country Club/ Seedling & Sage crew is on point. They're all about the details and making your dream wedding a reality. That support is invaluable to me, with the help of the sales team, to the bridal attendants, Flourtown Country Club wedding staff really goes above and beyond for vendors and couples.

I can tell you that Flourtown Country Club is more than just a wedding venue; it's where your love story shines. Every wedding I shoot here is a journey, and I'm lucky to be part of it. It's a place where love is celebrated in style, and I'm here to capture every special moment.

Flourtown Country Club, along with Seedling & Sage Catering, makes sure every detail is perfect. So, if you want a venue that combines elegance, natural beauty, great food, and top-notch service, Flourtown Country Club is the place to make your wedding dreams come true. It's where every photo is a reminder of the beauty of love, and I'm thrilled to be there to capture it all.

Flourtown Country Club Wedding Photos

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