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How to help your Wedding Photographer Create a Beautiful Flat Lay for your Wedding.

As a bride, you want everything about your wedding to be perfect, including your invitation flat lay. A flat lay is a photograph that shows the top view of a collection of items arranged on a flat surface, and it is a great way to showcase your wedding invitations and other stationery. A beautiful flat lay adds to the story telling process that your photographer will create with a collection of stunning images. So, what should you provide your photographer for a beautiful invitation flat lay? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Wedding invitations: These should be the main focus of the flat lay, so make sure you have a few extra copies in case any get damaged during the photoshoot.

  2. Envelopes: If y

ou want to show the entire invitation suite, include the envelopes in the flat lay as well.

  1. Save the dates: If you have save the dates, consider including them in the flat lay to give a complete picture of your stationery.

  2. RSVP cards: These are another important element of your invitation suite, so be sure to include them in the flat lay.

  3. Other stationery: If you have any other wedding stationery, such as programs, menu cards, or place cards, consider including them in the flat lay.

  4. Wedding colors: To add some visual interest to the flat lay, consider incorporating elements that match your wedding colors, such as flowers, ribbon, or other decorative items. Florists are happy to provide a few extra stems to your photographer to help enhance these images.

  5. Personal touches: To make the flat lay truly unique, consider including some personal touches, such as a monogram, a sentimental object, or a handwritten note.

Overall, the key to a beautiful invitation flat lay is to include all the important elements of your wedding stationery and to add some personal touches to make it unique. By following these tips, you can be confident that your invitation flat lay will be a stunning addition to your wedding photographs.

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