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Wedding Detail Photographs and Getting Ready- Part of your Wedding Photography Timeline

Bucks County Wedding Photographer here, I am just continuing to help educate brides on what the morning of your wedding day might look like.

Something that is important to my couples and one of my favorite things to do, is to photograph your beautiful details in a flat layout.

The first thing I’ll do when I get there (after saying hello and gushing about how

excited I am for you) is take some detail shots. It’s helpful if you gather everything so

that it’s all together when I arrive.

Some items that I need for detail shots include rings, Invitations, jewelry, ties, dresses,

shoes, and cufflinks. If you have any sentimental details, please throw them in there!

Also - I highly recommend getting a nice hanger for your dress, and for the

bridesmaids’ dresses. They don’t have to be fancy and custom made - but any wood

hanger looks so much better than a plastic one.

I do bring lots of little items to add into my flat lay photos, such as ring boxes, ribbons and backdrops. Not all wedding photographs will provide a ring box, so if yours does not I suggest buying a cute velvet one off etsy or amazon, are also very popular but can be on the more expensive side.

If detail photographs are important to you, I suggest checking out my other blog post.

Wedding detail flat lay photograph with invitation and rings

Next up on our timeline is getting ready photographs. These photos often end up being some of my favorites. There’s just something about those pre-wedding jitters, the little moments, the (sometimes alcohol-induced) laughs with your best friends.

This part is mostly candids - but I usually try to make sure everyone is

mostly ready before I take their photos - because you probably don’t

want a photo of you with one eye of makeup on or hair half done :).

While I know most of us like to get ready in an old t-shirt and some sweatpants (or

maybe that’s just me), on your wedding day the photos of you and your bridesmaids

chatting, laughing, and walking around will look so much cuter if your outfits give them

a pop! I’m a big fan of white, lacy robes for the bride and floral or pastel-colored ones

for the bridal party. There are also cute satin rompers, button down shirts, cute PJs that look adorable in photos. The possibilities are endless.

Wedding flat lay photograph with ring box

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