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Wedding Day Bride and Groom Portraits - Help from a Wedding Photographer

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Bride and groom at flourtown country club

So it is the day of your wedding and you just had your first look, whats next?

After the first look, we’ll get some shots of just the two of you. I recommend asking

your friends and family to give you space for this part (most people find it easier to

relax when you don’t have an audience - but if you prefer having your personal hype

people with you, absolutely go for it). If you don’t do a first look, we’ll do this part right

after the ceremony! Either way, you’re bursting with love and excitement, and these

photos will show it!

Bride and Groom Portraits- This is the part that people tend to worry about. I know, you’re “awkward in photos.” I don’t think anyone’s ever come to a session with me and said, “I’m

the BEST at having my photo taken!” But the truth is, how comfortable you feel during your session is pretty much entirely up to your photographer. If I stood there, didn’t say anything, and clicked my camera while you stared into it, you’d probably be preeeeety unhappy - both during the session and when you see your photos.

So here’s what I do instead:

I’ll use the chemistry that the two of you naturally have together to make sure you have a damn good time. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you and tell you what to do - if your hands are hanging awkwardly (a common issue :)), I’ll tell you where to put them instead. But for the most part, I do a combination of poses and candid shots. My job is to make sure your look your absolute best and trust me you will! If you’re feeling awkward, I’ll do something like

ask you about your first date, or ask one of you to whisper something in the other’s ear - that way, we’re not just taking photos, we’re creating some moments, so that when you look back at each photo, you’ll remember the moment you learned something new about your spouse, or maybe the moment they whispered “cookies” into your ear, but either way - I’ll make sure your smiles are never forced.

After your first look and couple’s photos, it’s time for the bridal party! I’ll get some

photos of just the girls, just the guys, and some of everyone together. I’ll also make

sure to get individual photos of the bride with each bridesmaid, and of the groom with

each groomsman. And if you’re not doing a first look, I’ll do the girls’ and guys’ photos

separately before the ceremony, and after the ceremony, we’ll do a few of the whole

party together! Make sure that the groomsmen arrive with boutonnières on, and the

bridesmaids have their bouquets.

I know you want all of your best friends to have a blast at your wedding - so just like

with the couple’s photos, I stay away from stiff poses. One of my favorite prompts for

the bridal party is to have the couple kiss, and everyone else give a big cheer. Another

fun one is to have everyone shout their best marriage advice at the same time - I get

a wide range of answers with this one :).

Wedding party at flourtown country club

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